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India's No.1 Premium Nutrition Brand.

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OUR FACTORY (at Ballabhgarh, Haryana)

ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP certified & FSSAI licensed manufacturing facility

Our main mission and motivation for business growth since the launch of Nutrimed Healthcare in 2011 has been to manufacture & develop the most premium fitness and healthcare supplements which are result-oriented, 100% safe and still being sold at reasonable prices and NOT overpriced, so that every Indian is able to afford good nutrition without overpaying or wasting their hard-earned money.

We have strived to come up with different kind of innovative products time to time and more importantly with the BEST possible product specifications for the most cost-efficient prices in the Indian market.

We are looking forward to bringing a change in the society where fitness and bodybuilding supplements are not treated as a luxury and looked upon to as unaffordable.

SUPPLEMENTS ARE SAFE AND HELPFUL. ("Supplementation" in English basically means "Addition")

Bodybuilding supplements basically work and give results when you "add" them to your normal daily diet.

Supplementation = Addition

All Nutrimed Healthcare supplements are 100% natural, vegetarian and free from ANY banned substances such as prohormones or steroids.

We are here to change the misunderstanding in our society about the supplements and to help everyone understand that supplements are just an alternate source of food, presented in form of powder or capsules to offer you an easy way to consume nutrients such as protein or carbohydrates required for optimal growth of body and muscles.

Supplements should be treated just like any other food product you buy in market since they are as natural as milk or vegetables and you have our personal guarantee that you can consume any Nutrimed supplements without worrying one bit about any side effect. 

We offer a range of healthcare products and services which will positively contribute to your wellbeing, making your lifestyle better and helping you to lead a healthier, fitter and more rewarding life. 

Nutrimed Healthcare was founded with the primary focus of developing specially designed nutritional products of superior composition spanning across the fitness, wellness & lifestyle segments for building muscles & mass, for overcoming malnutrition, underweight & anorexia, lean mass gain aswell as treating/managing lifestyle related maladies such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity,poor memory & poor stamina etc. and helping as many people as possible to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle !

Nutrimed Products are currently being sold in more than 52 cities in India directly & through our website all over India and exported to UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Yemen and Sri Lanka. Our products are vigorously tested in govt. certified labs to get approved abroad, therefore we proudly claim world class quality products.

Our aim is to promote good health & diet to as many people as possible.

Our Core team:

Nutrimed Healthcare was set up by Mr. T.N. Tiwari in 2011, in the rapidly emerging Nutrition & Healthcare domain, and is run and managed by a team of Nutritionists, Doctors, Food Safety Experts, Food & Dairy Technologists. 

1. Mr. T.N.Tiwari, Food Scientist (CEO), is a Dairy and Food Technocrate of International repute and has been a consultant to various multinational corporate food giants such as Heinz, Nestle, Danone etc. while working in Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia for more than 10 years as a chief formulator & technical head. He is a top of the class alumnus from reputed & prestigious National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI, Karnal, Haryana). 

With his vast working experience of 28 years, he leads the company with his expertise on formulations development, quality control and international standards manufacturing.

He has developed formulations for some reknowned global products such as Complan (Asia), Farex (Asia & Europe), Mother's Choice, Baby rusk etc. and has worked widely with major indian dairy brands such as Paras, Mahaan, Gopaljee, Mother Dairy, Kwality Ice cream and has handled technical and production processes for various dairy products ranging from pasteurized retail pack milk, skimmed milk powder, whey proteins to cheese & ice cream manufacturing.

2. Mrs. Mina Tiwari (Director) has rich experience in handling manufacturing process & has been in milk & dairy business since last 22 years. With her managerial skills & leadership, she directs the company processes, from manufacturing to marketing to accounts etc.

3. Dr. Sumit Tiwari, Medical Doctor (M.D., Bulgaria, Germany) | [Executive Director], is a medical doctor and nutrition expert, who has practiced medicine in Bulgaria and Germany. He is an alumnus from Sofia Medical University (Sofia, Bulgaria).

He is responsible for giving medical advisory for the R&D of our nutrition supplements, undertakes clinical studies & trials and contributes to product development analytics by considering daily optimal requirements of macro & micro-nutrients. He also undertakes new product developments, sales & promotions and PAN-India market expansion.

We have been engaged in indian dairy business since last 25 years. We started our milk & milk products business through M/S TIWARI DAIRY AND FOODS, New Delhi, India and factory at PRABHUJEE DAIRY FOOD PROCESSORS PVT. LIMITED, Rajasthan, India, an ISO 22000:2005 certified plant having state of art technology with all latest infrastructure added with an accredited Research and Development, Microbiology and Analytical Lab.

From last 25 years, we have been in association with research and development, new product development, technical consultancies and total project management to many domestic and international players on Baby Foods, Dairy products and Beverages.



We have done contract manufacturing for more than 32 brands and many reputed brands are currently running well in Indian market and abroad in Bangladesh, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Oman and Sri Lanka.

We undertake private labeling/contract manufacturing/3rd party manufacturing for:

- Nutrition & Sports Supplements, Bodybuilding supplements

- Baby Foods (Infant Milk Formula and Cereals, Anti-diarrhoea diet, Lactose free infant milk formula)

- Medical Nutrition (Anti-diabetic diet, Weight loss diet, Renal diet, Hepatic diet etc.) 

- Dairy Products (Skimmed Milk Powder, Gulab Jamun mix, Ice Cream mix)

We provide complete solution on product development, which includes manufacturing of the product, retail packaging, labeling and transport - One stop solution !

Feel free to contact us for more details.