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Our main mission and motivation for business growth since the launch of Nutrimed Healthcare in 2011 has been to manufacture & develop the most premium fitness and healthcare supplements which are result-oriented, 100% safe and still being sold at reasonable prices and NOT overpriced, so that every Indian is able to afford good nutrition without overpaying or wasting their hard-earned money.

We have strived to come up with different kind of innovative products time to time and more importantly with the BEST possible product specifications for the most cost-efficient prices in the Indian market. We are looking forward to bringing a change in the society where fitness and bodybuilding supplements are not treated as a luxury and looked upon to as unaffordable.

SUPPLEMENTS ARE SAFE AND HELPFUL. ("Supplementation" in English basically means "Addition")

Bodybuilding supplements basically work and give results when you "add" them to your normal daily diet.

Supplementation = Addition

All Nutrimed Healthcare supplements are 100% natural, vegetarian and free from ANY banned or harmful substances such as prohormones or steroids.

We are here to change the misunderstanding in our society about the supplements and to help everyone understand that supplements are just an alternate source of food, presented in form of powder or capsules to offer you an easy way to consume nutrients such as protein or carbohydrates required for optimal growth of body and muscles.

Supplements should be treated just like any other food product you buy in market since they are as natural as milk or vegetables and you have our personal guarantee that you can consume any Nutrimed supplements without worrying one bit about any side effect. 



Nutrimed Healthcare always gives its 100%, be it in product manufacturing, courier packing, timely shipping of parcels or after-sales customer support.

Yes, we are not perfect. We do get complaints sometimes from customers due to late deliveries or some minor damage due to couriers, but we ALWAYS TRY OUR BEST ! TRUST US ON THAT !


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Quality and Results speak for themselves.Try any product and see the results

Posted by Nutrimed Healthcare on Monday, 22 February 2016


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